Richie G

I'm originally from Pittsburgh PA (32 yr.) 

I bought my first 45 record at age 10…. And it became a fever. As a teen, I used my records at a local rec center to DJ teen Dances (for free). By age 16 I had played in a rock group, (sax and keyboards) In my late 20s I played in a wedding/bar band. The band broke up due to an illness. The drummer and I had invested in the Cerwin Vega w-31 speakers (made for the movie Earthquake) and a 20 channel mixing board. The drummer came to my home to discuss selling the equipment. When he saw my record collection (14,000+ 45's and 5,000+ albums) he said "We're not selling this stuff..I'll get us a DJ job this weekend" 

Not only did we get the club job, but after one performance we signed a 6 month contract, and booked 2 parties that first night. I've Been DJing ever since. I was a club DJ in VIrginia Beach for over 20 years, I am owner & CEO of Absolute Entertainment, a Mobile DJ service in Virginia Beach. I have been a net DJ for almost 4 years. 

RTR (Stevie) got me hooked, and like the prodigal son… I have returned. All this and a Paramedic 7 years, and a Biology/ Chemistry teacher for 44 years. BTW.. I still have the Cerwin Vega speakers!

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