I have three passions in my life…music, movies and baseball. I was in a bunker in Pleiku, South Vietnam in 1968, when a buddy of mine said, “Hey Mellon, when you get home, why don’t you be a DJ. You’re always talking about music.” 

In January 1969, I was hired for my first radio job and the first song I ever played was “Woman Helping Man” by the Vogues. 

All of these years later, I continue to survive in radio playing the oldies.

I presently coach a junior college baseball team in Pittsburgh, which keeps me busy throughout the spring/fall.

Retirement is wonderful, but keeping busy with radio and baseball keeps me going. No one has asked me yet to appear in a movie, so I’ll just continue to watch from the sidelines.

Top three flicks: The Guns of Navarone, Doctor Zhivago, and Bridge on the River Kwai.

First record: “It’s Only Make Believe”, Conway Twitty.

Best concert: Michael Jackson.
Favorite interview: Andy Griffith.

I get “you look like Mel Torme” a lot. I don’t see it, but others do. I look in the mirror and see…

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