Dr. Bop

Dr. Bop hails from Brooklyn, New York where he was in the grade school choir and later acapella groups before joining the Ethics band in 1964.  After a two-year stint in the US Army as a Radioteletype operator and Morse Code Specialist, he worked at WHLI-AM/FM in Hempstead, Long Island. From there he took a job at CBS-FM radio in Manhattan where he and then program manager Dick Bozzi began the Oldies craze on the station. Before that time, the station was playing top 40 Music. Once the station switched to oldies, the ratings went through the roof. He was the head of production at the station, creating all of the promos, contests and client commercials etc. He won a Clio Award in 1972 for producing a radio commercial for Anti-Drugs featuring Max Yasgur, the owner of the White Lake, NY’s farm where the Woodstock Music Festival was held.


From CBS-FM he accepted a job with the Canadian powerhouse radio station, CKLW IN Windsor, Ontario as the production director.  After leaving CKLW he was hired as an Oldies programming consultant for the Gene Autry Station in Detroit WTWR (Tower Radio) and then another consulting assignment at KBZT in San Diego, California. After programming KBZT for one rating book the station received such an amazing increase in the listenership he was given a sizeable bonus along with his consulting fees.


After that stint, he opened a 24-Track recording studio in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Among those clients were Bob Seger, Anita Baker, Earl Klugh and The Knack.  Following the recording studio he worked in the advertising industry, opening his own agency.  He’s directed Aretha Franklin, Kenny Rogers and more for TV commercials. He also produced the Bob Seger Music video, “The Real Love” which got to number three on MTV’s ratings list.


His love of music continues as he’s been involved with recording and producing music and jingles. He’s been a Disc Jockey since 2016 doing two, three-hour shows each week.  The Doo Wop Shop on Wednesdays from 8 PM until 11 PM, Eastern Time and the Sunday Morning Oldies Over Easy show from 10 AM until 1 PM. Dr. Bop is the real deal and a true lover of the music of our lives. Tune him in and turn-up the music!

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