Dennis J. Burgey – The Doo Wop Cop


I was born in North Jersey and growing up with older siblings introduced me to the great sound of vocal group harmony.

Singing (or should I say attempting to) with my brothers and their friends just got me hooked.

Migrated to South Jersey where I joined the Police Department and proceeded to hide an FM converter in the glove compartment (only had AM radios in the cars then) so I could listen to the oldies radio shows.

I Began doing a radio show (by accident) after filling in for a DJ who had gotten ill. After 2 months of filling in the radio station offered me my own show! Talk about surprised! I accepted and 11 years later Streetcorner Serenade is still going strong, now on Remember Then Radio. The show is dedicated to the vocal group harmony sound.

I have been the entertainment director for the Philadelphia FOP Lodge 5 Doo Wop Festival for the past 3 years. All proceeds benefit the Police Survivors Fund.

Thanks for tuning in!!

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