Geri Petito

Geri Petito, originally from Long Island City, New York, moved to Robbinsville, New Jersey, at the age of thirteen. She has a daughter and two grandchildren.
July 27, 1991, author Geri Petito made a decision to stop using drugs & “Turn Her Life Around”. She became a Nutritional Health coach, a Recovery Coach, a Vegan Chef & a Radio Talk Show Host. She is now a Host on 5 Networks: Hamilton Radio, PA NJ Radio, Beverly Nation Talk Shoe, D.A.M.O.N Looks, & Remember Then Radio. She received a Certificate Of Achievement by the “International Internet Radio Hall of Fame” for outstanding performances in Broadcasting. Geri is now a Nominee for 2019 International Internet Hall of Fame!

In I’m Not an Addict … I’m Just an Ass!, she narrates a personal, intimate, honest, and sometimes lighthearted account of her road to recovery, a story that inspires others to take the same journey. She shares the steps she took to change her thinking from unhealthy to healthy, including honesty, faith, surrender, soul-searching, integrity, acceptance, humility and enabling, willingness, forgiveness, maintenance, making contact, and service.

Petito tells how she felt anger, frustration, and pessimism, and how it eventually turned into hopefulness, gratitude, and empowerment. I’m Not an Addict … I’m Just an Ass! communicates that these emotions are essential to the start of the road to recovery—beginning a new life with a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

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