I was born the oldest of 5 children on the north side of Chicago not far from Wrigley Field where I spent most of my summers, in fact some will say I spent more time at the ballpark and the record store than school which isn’t far from the truth.

My parent continually had music on in our home and I loved listening to WLS and WCFL play the greatest hits of the day, and I remember going to a local record store where local DJ Barny Pip was doing a live broadcast, I was hooked and I just knew that one day I had to be a radio dj.

What really changed things for my musical taste was George Lucas’s Movie American Graffiti, which came out in 1973 when I was just entering High School.

I wore out the American Graffiti Soundtrack and studied the history of the artists and labels.

This for me and many other kids in school was when the 50’s nostalgia kick really took off all of a sudden I discovered all of the great music from the past and really started collecting 50’s and 60’s records, many of the kids in school were wearing leather jackets, white t’s and combat boots, the culture had changed overnight in my High School after that movie and I was all in.

After High School and a short stint in the Navy I discovered a small radio station in the north suburbs of Chicago WVVX-FM, I went in one day and literally begged for a job doing anything just to learn the business, the owner took me under his wing and hired me, I eventually worked my way to an actual air shift 5 days a week and Sat. night where I played nothing but 50’s and 60′s music this also lead to work as a dj in several bars in the city, it was a dream come true job, only problem was it didn’t pay enough to pay the rent, after a couple of years I left to go work in a different type of radio as a Communications Technician for Motorola where I worked for 17 years before taking an early retirement in 2016.

I now live in Melbourne Florida with my wife Jeannine, my two teenage children Jacob and Jillian and our two mutts Marley and Brandy, I also have five Grandchildren from the oldest daughter Ashley who lives in Minnesota.

I’m excited to be a part of the RTR family and look forward to rocking with you all every Thursday night.