Dr. Rock

True music variety! The way radio was meant to be!

Dr. Rock loves music and radio so much that he made a weekly trip from Omaha, NE, to KZUM in Lincoln, NE for 10 1/2 years. This is a 60-mile trip, each way, to volunteer his time to host KZUM’s “Dr. Rock & the Medicine Show.” It’s true music variety, the way radio was meant to be!
Dr. Rock was born September 15, 1961. He grew up in the small, northeast Nebraska town of Pilger.
He was an introverted little boy, so he found it difficult to really connect with people. Therefore, he tended to read a lot, watch a lot of TV (probably more than was healthy), and listen to a lot of radio.
Growing up in the 60s and 70s, he was naturally influenced by what was then considered to be top 40 radio, and is now considered to be classic rock, funk, soul, and R&B. Not surprisingly, he has a special bond with that kind of music, but certainly doesn’t limit his tastes to just classic rock, or even the music of the 60s and 70s.
He was also heavily influenced by a particular TV show that debuted on the CBS television network on September 18, 1978. That show was “WKRP in Cincinnati.”
One thing that really grabbed Dr. Rock’s attention was the fact that “WKRP in Cincinnati” used the real music being heard on the radio at that time. While that is common practice today, it was very rare back then. TV almost always used cheesy covers of popular music back in the 70s, but “WKRP in Cincinnati” used the real thing. 
Another thing was that, despite the fact that this was a comedy, the characters had an authenticity and believability about them. Years later, the Dr. learned that the series and characters were actually based upon a real radio station and it’s real staff.
As usual, there were consequences for taking this path. Those consequences, rightfully so, were quite severe and harsh.
In the early 90s, the Dr. lived in Lincoln, Nebraska for a few years. It was then that he discovered Community Radio KZUM-FM 89.3. He almost instantly fell in love with this odd little station because it not only broke the mold corporate radio uses, KZUM completely shattered it.
KZUM’s program director doesn’t program the music on the shows airing on the station. The volunteer programmers do, and that really appealed to Dr. Rock.
By then, however, the Dr. was living 60 miles away in Omaha. With no similar stations in the Omaha area, though, he contacted KZUM and started asking questions and showing an interest in doing a show.
On September 22, 2003, the Dr. got a call from KZUM’s program director asking if he was still interested in doing a show on KZUM, and if he could start with a 3-6 am Sunday morning show starting the upcoming weekend.
Dr. Rock’s immediate response was “Yes!” He drove down to Lincoln that day, paid for and became a member of Community Radio KZUM (all programmers must be members of public radio KZUM), and signed up to do a weekly show.
For the next two years, Dr. Rock drove to Lincoln every Sunday morning to do his 3-6 am show.
Dr. Rock continued doing his weekly show on KZUM from 12-6 am Saturday nights/Sunday mornings until 2014. Now Dr. Rock can be found on Remember Then Radio from 9am Eastern to 1pm every Saturday.
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