Billy Regalbuto

Bill Regalbuto

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and became interested in music while in elementary school.
In the early 60’s I sang and played instruments with a group named “The Ethics”. As the story goes, life got in the way and after returning from Viet Nam I couldn’t get my job back. In 1969, I raised my hand once again and joined the N.Y.P.D.
I sang with a successful group for almost 12 years and with over 600 live appearances. I have been blessed to open shows for many of the biggest names in the industry.
I was a DJ at another station for 4 years and now I’m here at RTR…….a great bunch of folks!
I am happy to be a part of it….

………..Life certainly is a trip!
Billy…..the Bad Boy

You can purchase Billy’s new CD by clicking here or on the image below.